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SuperTux 0.5.0 in-game level editor basic tutorial

SuperTux - Icy Island • Longplay/Walkthrough...

Want to support this channel via PayPal? - https://www.paypal.me/wigglersmwSuperTux - Icy Island (Longplay/Walkthrough) (v0.6.2)Creator(s): The...

Super Tux (Windows game 2003)

Super Tux is a game similar with Super Mario bros game.But the hero is a penguin and the background is Antarctica.

SuperTux 0.6.1 Forest World (the possible parts)

I'm pretty sure the lantern level is impossible to pass, so I ended there.Use this content if you want, credit or none. Just let others do the same. ?

SuperTux 0.6 Gameplay

Newest SuperTux gameplay!✅ More #OpenSourceGames http://bit.ly/OSGames ? Subscribe now!? Join our chat at https://discord.gg/usAHQdz !? Write a...

Mario but a Penguin | SuperTux

SuperTux is an on-going community made game that started its life on the Linux platform as "SuperTux: Revenge in Redmond". It stars the infamous...

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